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The 5 most common payroll errors


Although often unintentional, errors in payroll management are nevertheless frequent. For an employer, managing to improve the processing of payroll in the company to limit the risks is a major problem. Indeed, these payroll errors can have serious consequences: deterioration of relations with employees, penalties, fines, legal sanctions, Urssaf checks or litigation at the Industrial Tribunal. You must therefore be particularly vigilant regarding the processing of payroll in your company and opt for the most reliable solution according to your organization and your budget.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the 5 most common pay slip errors and the penalties they can bring to your business. Even if some inaccuracies cannot be avoided (zero risk does not exist), greater vigilance, adapted tools and external help from an experienced service provider can help you reduce the risks.

Discover the most common payroll errors

There are many difficulties in payroll management that can be the source of anomalies, inconsistencies or late payment. Here are the top mistakes and how to avoid them to ensure payroll compliance .

The scales for calculating social security contributions change frequently and are subject to reform every year. Calculating the contribution rate manually is a major error factor. In addition, this implies that the person in charge of payroll processing in your company carries out constant legal and legal monitoring to stay informed of changes in contribution rules.

If during an Urssaf check , the inspector finds frequent anomalies in the amount of social security contributions, a formal notice may be sent to the manager. Depending on the situation, and if the employer can prove his good faith, increases or sanctions may or may not be applied.

Using online payroll software like Silae allows you to automate contribution rate calculations. In addition, regular updates guarantee the reliability of the rates applied in order to correspond to the standards in force.

Payroll errors concerning collective agreements

All payslips must include the mention of the collective agreement of the company , and the absence of this information constitutes a fault (article R.3243 -1 of the Labor Code). Filling in a collective agreement different from that of the company is also a frequent error in payroll management. This anomaly may give rise to the payment of damages to the employees concerned.

Collective agreements are a real difficulty in payroll management because of their frequent updates. Some companies can even apply several at once, which can become a real headache for the payroll manager. Fortunately, with Silae, collective agreements are updated in real time to limit errors and facilitate payroll processing .

DNS or Nominative Social Declaration errors

Urssaf is particularly vigilant to errors in payroll management concerning the DNS . Indeed, these anomalies have a direct consequence on the pension rights of your employees. It is therefore important to check the information declared via the DNS and the consistency of the different amounts. The DNS makes it possible to report your employees’ payroll data each month to the various social organizations such as the Pôle emploi, the Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie, the Urssaf, etc. In the event of an event such as a work stoppage or a end of contract, you must send a DNS report within 5 days.

The correct configuration of your Silae online payroll software improves the reliability of your payslips. If in doubt, call on a team of payroll experts to support you in your management with complete peace of mind.

The account of the working hours of each employee

A large part of payroll management consists of entering the hours worked by each employee, taking into account their particular situation and the elements of their life in the company such as overtime, parental leave, paid leave or stoppages. disease. An error in the count of hours has a direct impact on the remuneration of employees and can lead to litigation in the Labor Court and the payment of damages.

Using payroll software allows you to centralize and process each employee’s data. You can even, if you wish, allow your employees to enter certain information themselves concerning their working time in the company, thus reducing the risk of entering errors or forgetting them.

Pay slip storage errors

The employer is required to keep the payslips of each employee for a minimum period of 5 years. To do this, he can use a digital safe and archive dematerialized payslips in complete security. Indeed, a former employee is entitled to ask you to provide him with a copy of his payslips up to 5 years after his departure from the company.

Your company must guarantee the availability and confidentiality of payslips for all of its workforce. Do not hesitate to request a payroll compliance analysis from your Opaylink service provider to detect any anomalies!

Get support to limit errors in payroll management

Payroll processing is a complex and time-consuming mission, yet essential to the life and operation of your company. In this area, the slightest anomaly can have significant consequences on your company’s finances as well as on its employer brand. It is therefore essential to entrust payroll management operations to expert and competent people.

Whether it’s changes to collective agreements, entering information, calculating contributions or DNS, Opaylink supports you in processing your company’s payroll. Minimize the risk of delays and errors in payroll management by opting for total or partial outsourcing. In addition, thanks to our Silae online payroll software, you are guaranteed that your payslips are up to date and comply with the latest legal payroll developments.

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